The positive impacts of a healthy weight on our mind and physical health are better understood by people that have faced the complications resulted by obesity.

Even though, obesity is one of the main causes of mortality in highly developed countries like USA, we ought to witness the constant rise in the graph of obesity with every passing day.

Fat Joe weight loss

While many strive day and night to get back in shape, others lose hope and silently watch obesity do the harm.

This problem of weight gain and obesity also prevail in Hollywood fraternity. Had it been based on sizes and not talent, I am sure there would have been a handful of celebrities running it.

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Interestingly, we get to read hundreds of celebrity weight loss stories, many of which are too motivating. These celebrities tend to set an example for their fans and followers to never lose hope and keep striving to the point of success.

One successful weight loss story is Fat Joe’s story! A story worth sharing and discussing!

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Saying this would not be wrong that Fat Joe weight loss journey is often regarded as the motivational force behind many celebrities’ weight loss struggles; a good example here is DJ Khaled!


Joseph Antonio Cartagena, better known as ‘Fat Joe da Gangsta’ has a huge fan base!

The famous rapper had weight concerns since 16 years and hence, the problem was never new or sudden for him.

The 47 years old Fat Joe always seemed happy and contented with the way he looked, until recently, he decided to bring the important changes in his weight, he should have done ages earlier.

In an interview with CNN, the terror squad patriarch admitted of being overweight in the yesteryears, with a whopping amount of body weight near to 208 kg!

Unbelievable, isn’t it!

The rapper believes that it was his hip-hop success that made him carefree towards his lifestyle, or perhaps, over-indulging, is a better word here!

However, as said earlier, he was overweight for a period of 16 long years with no such motivation to shed off the extra pounds!


According to Fat Joe, he has witnessed many people dealing and fighting with the adverse effects of obesity and has even seen many of them, dying!

He realized that obesity is indeed, harmful, and hence, he needs to take prompt and constant actions to counter it at the earliest.

Fat Joe further revealed that the death of MC Big Pun due to cardiac attack was the life changing incidence in his life.

He further had six friends who faced the similar aftermaths of obesity and hence, he felt in moving the similar direction.

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Besides this, he wanted to live a healthy life for his daughter, and wanted to be ‘there’ for her for as much as possible.

Hence, this fear of facing complications that are ultimately provoked by obesity made him give a serious thought to his weight issues and lifestyle, and so, he decided to bring that needed change that was important for his mental and physical wellbeing!

This was the point at which Fat Joe initiated his weight loss journey and become unstoppable then!


Height: 1.85m (6 feet)
Initial weight: 460 pounds (208 kg)
Weight loss in the yesteryears: 100 pounds.
Current weight: >340 pounds


Looking to his recent, leaner body pictures makes us wonder how Fat Joe lose weight, or how exactly, he managed to do it so well?

The struggle of shifting from overweight to healthy weight is still on for Fat Joe, who believes that he has a long way to go. However, he credits his‘100 lbs weight loss success’ to a balanced diet and exercises.

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Fat Joe believes in natural transformation and hence tried no artificial or unhealthy mean to make his infamous name, redundant.


In the initial phase, the rapper tried the reduced calorie diet that initially worked for him, but later, resulted in adding an abundance of calories in his body.

Fat joe diet

Scientifically, calories transforms into body fat which adds up to the weight.

Fat Joe then switched to the other healthy options, options that helped him in the short term and long term as well.


Fat Joe diet was then designed in a manner that could help him for his entire life.

The diet allowed him to eat more protein, which was meant to help him minimize his total caloric intake.

As most of us know, protein promotes satiety far better than the intake processed carbohydrates.

By this, he was able to get a hold on his calorie consumption and avoid snacking to a greater extent.

On the other hand, he pulled his hands off the alcohol and sodas. In fact, he made better drinking choices and moved towards healthy options like lemon juice and green tea.


Fat Joe workout was not something extraordinary or unique.

Fat joe workout

Since he was too overweight, he could not tread comfortably and so, decided to walk.

In the beginning, he would walk for some half an hour in the morning with his headphones on. Slowly and gradually, he increased his walking time to an hour.

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After a couple of months, he switched to the recumbent bike for cycling at home.

He would invest some 45 minutes of his time daily and was totally comfortable with the slow, but constant progression he was making towards a better him.

As the scale started to show a decline, he felt more comfortable in doing different sets of exercises.

He started weight training program that included cable machine exercises and more. With dedication and time, Fat Joe was able to shrink his waist!

The rapper has been widely appreciated for his efforts on his social media accounts like, Facebook and Twitter.


Fat Joe before and after photos would make any person wonder that if he can, why can’t I?

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